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For I was hungry, and you gave me food: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in. Matthew 25:35 KJV 2003


June is the month to celebrate. Promotion for Sunday School students, graduations, end of the school year and the start of summer.

Plan to attend a Hot Dog BBQ party after church on Sunday, June 7th. We would like to honor our children who are being promoted and all graduates.

If you have family members who are graduating and would like to offer their name for blessing on that Sunday, please have the names to the church office by Monday, May 25th for inclusion in the June Skylight. There will be a table in the narthex where you can place graduate pictures and memorabilia.


Thank you for your contributions to the Hope Office Food Bank on birthday Sunday. Everyone left with a smile on their face. It was good spending time together.


Nepal Eathquate Relief

From the UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Website

April 25, 7:00 p.m. - We continue to be in prayer with the people in Nepal and all who are affected by the earthquake including first responders and families of those who have died or are missing. Global Ministries has been in touch with all of our missionaries in the area and confirmed they are safe. UMCOR is preparing a response, working through local and international partners. Donations to support the response to the earthquake in Nepal and other international disasters can be made through UMCOR Advance # 982450. Checks can be made out to your local UMC and write UMCOR Advance #982450 in the memo and put in the offering plate. Or make donations on-line.

April 27, 2015: Today, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), Global Ministries' relief and development unit, approved a grant of $90,000 for international partner GlobalMedic to bring sorely needed clean water to survivors through provision of household and public water-filtration units. More information is available via



5/2 - Alyce Werkema

5/6 - Ed Jackson

5/8 - Dennis Dinkla

5/9 - Jonas VanDeKop

5/15 - Frances Shuler

5/15 - Jacob Ruhl

5/16 - Kelly Rorvig

5/16 - Tom Young

5/19 - Diane Nymeyer


5/6 - Kelly & Debra Rorvig

5/9 - Jack & Jo Young


Choir practice - Wednesdays at 5:00.




Kevin Riley, Kay & Everett Zuidmeer, Eleanor Shagren & family, the Brynildsen family, Michelle Sigler (cousin of Kathy), the Mohebbi family, Bonnie VanAlsburg, Gaylen Brevik, Danielle Ingham

Safe travels. Prayers for our Congregation. Prayers for those recovering from illness or injury. Prayers for the lonely or grief stricken. Prayers for our Nation & World. Prayers for those serving in the Armed Forces.

Prayer Vine

If you would like to add a joy or concern to the prayer vine, please contact Frances Shuler at 354-1943 and the vine will be activated. The following is our current prayer vine: Frances Shuler, Betty Oberwortmann, Bev Honcoop, Margaret Mustard, Eleanor Shagren, and Cheri Foster.




Remember the Plant/Book sale May 23rd, 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. We will be setting up and pricing the plants on Thursday, May 21st and Friday, May 22, 10:00 am-2:00 pm.

Start bringing your plants/books on Wednesday, May 20th. Please have the plants labeled with their names and also priced, if possible. Your help on any of these days is appreciated, and of course, we really hope that you will be with us on the day of the sale.

UMW General Meeting, Wednesday, May 20th. Executive Meeting @ 10:30 am, Pot Luck Luncheon @ 12:00 Noon, Meeting & Program @ 1:00 pm. The program will be presented by Barbara Dad Shaffer, discussing the Jamaa Latu Orphanage.

We all want to thank Peg Moseid and her "helpers" for the wonderful English Tea last month. It was really special.

We are looking for a place to hold our June 17th picnic. If you have any ideas, talk to Peg R.



INTRODUCTION: I am here this morning to speak to you on behalf of the COM, whose members voted last Wednesday to proceed with the planning for 3 capital improvement projects in our church, our place of worship. The COM concluded that the 3 projects would be funded by a single fund raising effort. The overall project has been named THE TRILOGY-3 PROJECTS IN 1.

COORDINATING GROUP: Also on Wednesday the COM voted to establish a Coordinating Group whose responsibility would be to insure the rapid and accurate flow of information between various church teams, and most importantly, to seek input from you, the community of faith, and to insure that you are routinely briefed as top the direction and progress of each of the 3 projects.

IDENTIFY PROJECTS: I know this may be a LITTLE CONFUSING-3 PROJECTS-1 PROJECT. Let me explain. The 3 projects are: replacing the carpet in the Fellowship Hall; constructing an elevator between the main floor and the basement; and replacing the organ in the sanctuary. The 1 project is a single capital fund raising effort. Thus the name The TRILOGY -3 PROJECTS IN 1.

IDENTIFYING THE COORDINATING GROUP: The majority of your discussion about the TRILOGY will occur with the members of the Coordinating Group. Let me introduce you to that group: Fred Brown, who represents the Board of Trustees. The Trustees are solely responsible for this building and its contents. Toni Hess, who will represent the Music Team and will focus on the new organ; Henry Dotson, who will represent COM and head the Coordinating Group; Brian Rockom, who will represent the Finance Team and will focus on the capital fundraising project; and Pastor Conrado, who will represent you, the congregation, and focus on the spiritual/faith motives driving THE TRILOGY.

SEQUENCE OF EVENTS: THE TRILOGY will not happen overnight, especially the elevator. The elevator will require architectural drawings, bids, permits, site demolition/construction, unit installation, etc. The organ is more straightforward-make permanent the temporary installation. The replacement carpets will require bids, removal of the old carpet and installation of the new carpet. Realistically, it may take more than a year to accomplish THE TRILOGY.

CAPITAL FUND RAISING: In a few weeks the Trustees and Music Team will provide the Finance Team with a sound estimate of the cost of THE TRILOGY. In the meantime, I believe we can begin the fund raising process. The LUMC financial structure is twofold: (1) General Funds deals with the day to day operation of the church, i.e., payment of utilities, insurance, salaries, apportionments, outreach projects, etc.; (2) Special Accounts deal with two separate accounts, Building Fund and Memorial Fund. THE TRILOGY funding will be deposited and managed in Special Accounts. Donors will be able to donate to the Building Fund and they can specify one of three projects. Donors also have the option of donating to the Memorial Fund, identifying the person they desire to honor and the project they wish to support. The Finance Team is always available to help you with your donation and to insure that your wishes are honored.

CONGREGATION PARTICIPATION: The Coordinating group will not only provide THE TRILOGY updates/status reports to the congregation, but will aggressively seek input from the congregation as to their thoughts/advise about THE TRILOGY. The Coordinating Group will provide Sunday worship service updates like this one; will write articles for the Skylight, will brief LUMC groups such as UMW, Bible studies, adult Sunday school class, etc. Further, the Coordinating Group will mingle during fellowship time to provide updates and listen to congregation input.

CHANGING TIMES: This church was built in the 1960s and was designed for that congregation. The fact is that we have aged, raised children, grown more circumspect and faithful. THE TRILOGY is focused upon providing a healthy environment (fellowship carpet); access to all parts of the building regardless of mobility limitations (elevator); taking advantage of new music and sound system technology (organ).

THE TRILOGY GOALS: Pastor Conrado will address how THE TRILOGY relates to our mission: "To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ": How THE TRILOGY fosters good stewardship of our church by making the basement more accessible to all persons; how THE TRILOGY makes our church more inviting to new attendees; and most important, how THE TRILOGY effects our spiritual journey and our relationship to God.