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For I was hungry, and you gave me food: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in. Matthew 25:35 KJV 2003


Thanksgiving Feast

Sponsored by the Outreach Team

Plan to attend the 5th annual Thanksgiving Feast on Sunday, November 22th following church.

Chef Rick Love and his helpers will prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The menu includes: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, dressing, rolls and butter, pumpkin pie and beverage.

Please sign up and bring a side dish for the Appetizer/Sides Table. Suggestions: green salad, vegetable tray, fruit tray, olives, pickles, stuffed celery, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, a family specialty or something you love, but would never fix just for yourself.

Reservations will be accepted beginning Sunday, November 1. The deadline is Tuesday, November 17th. Reservations may be made at church or by calling the church office.

Cost is $8 per adult. Children are welcome at no cost. Please let us know how many people are attending in your group, including all children who need a seat.

We will be organizing a set-up crew, cooks, servers and a clean-up crew to make the day go smoothly. Please volunteer if you are interested.



11/1 - Cheri Jackson

11/3 - Marion Catron

11/4 - Bev Honcoop, Danielle Ingham

11/5 - Marv Walker, Jane Walker, Jessie Nymeyer, Betty Cullom

11/10 - Deannie DeGraff

11/11 - Cal Moseid

11/14 - Jerry Doornenbal, Daleen Brutout

11/16 - Peg Moseid

11/20 - Marv Enfield

11/22 - Emilee Young, Deborah Rorvig

11/24 - Goerge Werkema

11/29 - Jo Young


11/3 - Rick & Sarah Love

11/5 - George & Margaret Mustard



UMW meeting: November 18th, program to be announced.

10:30 - UMW Executive meeting

12:00 - Pot Luck Luncheon

1:00 - Program and Meeting

November is also the month that we remember how thankful we are for all that God has provided. Remember to bring your Thank Offering to this meeting.

Reading Program: Remember to look through the Program Reading Booklet posted in the Fellowship Hall to find books that you would enjoy reading. Please let Peg R. know, so that she can obtain these books for our library for ALL to read.

Memories: As the 150th Anniversary of UMW approaches, the national office is trying collect any special memories, members might have. If you would like to submit some of those memories, please see Peg R., or check the board in Fellowship Hall for the form to fill out.


Choir practice - Wednesdays at 5:00.




The Clark family, Kay & Everett Zuidmeer, Eleanor Shagren & family, Dave Hardman, Michelle Sigler, the Mohebbi family, Gaylen Brevik, Pat & Joanne White, Jane Young, Jerry & Heidi Doornenbal, Fred Brown.

Safe travels. Prayers for our Congregation. Prayers for those recovering from illness or injury. Prayers for the lonely or grief stricken. Prayers for our Nation & World. Prayers for those serving in the Armed Forces.

Prayer Vine

If you would like to add a joy or concern to the prayer vine, please contact Frances Shuler at 354-1943 and the vine will be activated. The following is our current prayer vine: Frances Shuler, Betty Oberwortmann, Bev Honcoop, Margaret Mustard and Eleanor Shagren.


Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa & chocolate bars will be on sale in the Fellowship Hall, following church service, on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Help support small farmers.