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For I was hungry, and you gave me food: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in. Matthew 25:35 KJV 2003


Ready to feel special?

Plan to join the people who celebrate their birthdays the same month that you do.

On Sunday, April 26th an all church Birthday Celebration is being held after church. Sit at the table that matches the month you were born (we understand that March may need 2 tables).

The menu includes a build it yourself sandwich buffet, fruit and, of course a birthday cake.

Please bring a favorite birthday memory and/or photo to share.



4/1 - Don Clark

4/2 - Paula Hardman

4/4 - Jack Young

4/7 - Sarah Love

4/8 - Jim Sinclair

4/13 - Fred Hess

4/17 - Will Brutout

4/20 - Phyllis Kahn

4/20 - Bernice Vossbeck

4/25 - Alan Wiseman

4/29 - Cayla Samms

4/30 - Robert Chase


4/14 - Ed & Lois Polf

4/20 - Peter & Lynda Fraser

4/28 - Gaylen & Dot Brevik



Ragfinery is a local non-profit that provides job training and jobs by transforming unwanted clothes and fabric into repurposed goods. We gladly welcome unwanted clothes and fabric donations for our project.

The idea for Ragfinery originated when "our Board of Directors said our mission is to create jobs from waste, what else is out there," Executive Director Duane Jager said. After doing some research, Jager found that, according to the Council for Textile recycling, the average American donates 12 pounds of textiles but puts 70 pounds in landfills. That statistic approximately a year and a half ago when Reuse Works decided it was time to move forward on a new project. It would mean Bellingham residents discard 3.5 million pounds of textiles each year. In addition, between 1999 and 2009, post consumer textile waste grew by 40 percent while the diversion rate increased by only two percent. Textiles account for five percent of municipal solid waste.

See the information brochure on the board opposite the mail slots. Bring in unwanted clothing/fabric, and UMW will see that they are taken to Ragfinery.


Choir practice - Wednesdays at 5:00.




150 Years of United Methodist Women

Our Methodist foremothers laid a foundation for mission 146 years ago, a mission we carry on today.

United Methodist Women have always understood giving as an expression of God's grace. Their faith had led them to follow the gospel and to support the mission and ministry of Jesus.

Our God is a God of justice, the One who loves the poor and hears the cries of the oppressed, who welcomes the stranger. It is God's will that all people share in the feast of God. Women, children and youth are those most often left out of God's feast.

We are called today as followers of Christ to participate in God's mission. Beginning now and for the next five years, UMW are undertaking an ambitious, organization-wide challenge to provide even more resources to meet these needs. In celebration and recognition of our upcoming 150th anniversary (March 23, 2019) we commit to contributing our resources now to ensure the future of UMW and its capacity to follow God in mission even more faithfully.

May God bless our celebration and our giving as we move courageously into our next century and a half of mission.

UMW Report

UMW General Meeting - April 15, at 12:00. We will be having an English Tea - food provided. You may wish to "get dressed up" for this meal! The program will be presented by Pastor Conrado, discussing "Sheila's Foundation" in the Philippines.

Executive Meeting - 10:30

English Tea - 12:00

Meeting/Program - 1:00

Please be planting your plants for the Sale in May. Started pots are at the church.




Kevin Riley, Kay & Everett Zuidmeer, Eleanor Shagren & family, Virginia Brynildsen, Michelle Sigler (cousin of Kathy), the Mohebbi family, Bonnie VanAlsburg, Gaylen Brevik.

Safe travels. Prayers for our Congregation. Prayers for those recovering from illness or injury. Prayers for the lonely or grief stricken. Prayers for our Nation & World. Prayers for those serving in the Armed Forces.

Prayer Vine

If you would like to add a joy or concern to the prayer vine, please contact Frances Shuler at 354-1943 and the vine will be activated. The following is our current prayer vine: Frances Shuler, Betty Oberwortmann, Bev Honcoop, Margaret Mustard, Eleanor Shagren, and Cheri Foster.